Cuba Adventures – Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Cuba travel posts! Picking up from where I left off, the tour continues, moving from the North Western tip of Cuba towards the East, with the final stop on this leg of the journey being Trinidad. But first, we stopped for a quick walking tour around the French… Continue reading Cuba Adventures – Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara


Cuba Adventures – Vinales, Las Terrazas, Cayo Jutias

Cuba is unique, like no other country i’ve been to before. That’s no surprise given it’s dramatic history and an economic embargo that has kept the country in a time warp for over 50 years. And with signs of relations with the US thawing, this could change. So, there’s really never been a better time… Continue reading Cuba Adventures – Vinales, Las Terrazas, Cayo Jutias


Ultimate Guide to Notting Hill

Sunny days are always the best days to visit Notting Hill. That’s when all the colourful, small houses brighten up, adding to the villagey vibe of the area. With its many cafes, restaurants and shops, it really is the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon. Despite it now having a reputation for being a… Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Notting Hill

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Discovering new places – Shackfuyu, Soho

Shackfuyu is owned by Bone Daddies, the company responsible for Flesh & Buns – that was enough to sell the place to me! Contemporary Japanese inspired food at it’s best in the heart of Soho, you should definitely give this place a shot. We went for the ‘express menu’ which was excellent value for money… Continue reading Discovering new places – Shackfuyu, Soho